Permastoked with Derik Hyatt

Jonathan Wayne Freeman - Canadiana 101 for Kooks

May 10, 2021

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In this episode, Derik Hyatt interviews Jon Wayne…not the cowboy, but the Nerf gun wielding funny man and Instagram star Jonathan Wayne Freeman who has more in common with the Duke of Surfing, the Big Kahuna himself, Duke Kahanamoku.  That’s right, this middle-aged influencer has been making mediocrity excellent since 1979 and shakaing since 1985.  Some call him the saviour of surfing, the second coming of Bodhi from 1991’s Point Break.  Spawning from his comedic Instagram shorts, Surfer made this Kook of the Day the host of the Ultra Core Surf Hour, which JWF says is “about nothing, and everything – and surfing.”  Men’s Journal added him to the list of “12 Instagram Accounts Every Surfer Should Follow in 2020” while the Neighbourhood Watch added him to the list of “12 People Whom You Should Not Allow to Babysit Your Children.” (kidding!)

Tune in to hear about JWF’s departure from being a paramedic and switch to becoming a full time Kook, how to become who you were meant to be, his comedic influences including Adam Sandler which leads to some rad Billy Madison impersonations, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, surfing of course, and last but not least, they explore the unknown elements of Canadian culture while JWL becomes devastated to learn that not all Canadians are clones of Bob and Doug McKenzie!

To follow Jonathan Wayne Freeman and his shenanigans, follow him on Instagram at @jonathanwaynefreeman and be sure to watch the Ultra Core Surf Hour on YouTube.

This episode was recorded on February 8, 2021 and features adult content.  Listener and viewer discretion is advised.

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